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Museums in Kenya

Kenya is a land that has a diverse culture, attributed to the many tribes that make it whole. Each tribe has its own cultural identity, and learning some of these would be a thrill to any tourist. There are numerous museums where the history and culture of Kenya has been preserved and is publicly displayed. The museum’s galleries display exhibits, pictures, art, and many other forms of media. Paying a visit to any of the museums in Kenya would be very informative. The National museum of Kenya in Nairobi is the biggest of all the museums in Kenya and is the most visited. It is located in Nairobi’s CBD and is worth paying a visit while one is on a Nairobi excursion.

The Kitale museum is located in Kitale town, a small town in the North Rift valley of Kenya. It is located about 1km from Kitale town center. Kitale town is about 380 kilometers from Nairobi city. It was the first inland museum to be established in Kenya. It was originally referred to as the Stoneham museum, courtesy of an armature naturalist who was an army man. He had a collection of invertebrates, small animals and books right from when he was a small boy. The Kitale museum contains a wide selection of ethnographic resources, which have been collected from the communities which live around Kitale. Currently, the museum practices environmental conservation.

The Karen Blixen museum is located in the Karen Blixen house, which is located a few kilometers form Nairobi’s CBD. The house stands at the foot of the Ngong hills, which are clearly visible even from Nairobi town. The hills are 7 in total and are frequented by tourists for camping, trekking, sight seeing, bird watching and other activities. The museum belongs to a different time in Kenya’s history. The film ‘Out of Africa’ was shot at the Karen Blixen house in 1984 and tells the story of her life. The museum is open to the public from 9.30am to 6pm. Guided tours are offered. There are shops nearby that sell artifacts, posters and other items. The grounds around the house are beautiful and they are rented for weddings, and other events.

The Kapenguria museum is located in Kapenguria town which is located in the North region of the rift Valley. It was originally a prison where 6 freedom fighters were locked up for 7 years in the 1950s. Among them was Jomo Kenyatta, who later on became the first president of Kenya. Each cell has a tag showing the name of the person who was locked up in it. In addition, there are galleries that show photos of the cultural practices of the communities around. Another section shows the history of Kenya, dating back from the pre-colonial period, to the coming of Europeans, fight for independence and the post colonial governments.

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